Half French Wine Museum

If you have an interest in wine and its culture, you’ll learn the info, the history, the secrets, the science to boost your wine culture.

All this presented in an amazing setting (try a huge 18th century royal wine cellar in central Paris), and with a very interactive and engaging approach. A museum with all the good stuff, and without any of the boring stuff!

Let’s do it!

Half crazy experience you’ll never forget

The French Wine Experience was created by people who think wine culture needs to be fun and relaxed. We transformed an 18th century Royal wine cellar into a maze of rooms that will surprise, enchant and stimulate you. You can even create your very own blend and play winemakers. The French Wine Experience is truly unique and possibly a little crazy.

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Bottles of Wine
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Years of history
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Awaken your 5 senses with The French Wine Experience. Taste, Smell, Sight… Do you have what it takes to be a Super Taster?!


The French Wine Experience will boost your knowledge and confidence with wine in general and French wine in particular!!


The experience unrolls in an incredible atmospheric 18th century cellar. Which happens to have been the wine cellar of the King of France!!


€11per adult



  • Admission
  • App for self guided visit
  • Possibility to have more wine!
  • Possibility to create your own wine
  • Fun, fun, fun!!


€15per adult



  • Admission
  • 1 glass of wine
  • App for self guided visit
  • Possibility to create your own wine
  • Fun, fun, fun!!


€30per adult



  • Admission
  • 3 glasses of Wine
  • App for self guided visit
  • Your own bottle of wine
  • Fun, fun, fun!!


Our multilingual app makes sure that no matter what language you speak, you get to make the most out of the experience.

Awesome souvenir shop

At the end of your visit, our shop will make your souvenirs shopping a piece of cake. From posters to wine books or personalized bottles, we have it all!!


Though our venue is 400 years old, the French Wine Experience is a brand new Paris attraction. Book now and become pioneers!

Great app

Enjoy our app before, during and after your visit. It features games, quizzes, videos and a full on illustrated wine knowledge database. Awesome value!

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Our team is available both online and in person to assist you. Don’t hesitate: we’re always happy to help.


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New – Get ready for a sensational journey!

Explore underground Paris with a unique visit of one of the wine cellar of the kings of France.

Along the way, you’ll play with your 5 senses to discover the secrets of wine. You’ll learn more about wine in general, and about French wine in particular.

We’ll help you understand wine, its history, its making and its culture. You’ll get to taste some wine and should you want to create your very own wine, you can also do that!

Visit THE FRENCH WINE EXPERIENCE – a truly breathtaking experience – for everyone.


Get the App for Free

Your ticket for the French Wine Experience comes with a terrific app packed with games, videos, fun facts and a full-on wine encyclopedia. Prepare before visiting and enjoy during and after your visit!


What our Customers say

That was so much fun: Ellen didn't want to leave!! - Mike K. - California
My husband and I loved the wine, the culture and the history, the kids loved the app and the videos! Thanks for a terrific experience! We'll be back!- Rose - Toronto
Drinking wine in a royal wine cellar in Paris. Check!- Gavin - Dublin, Ireland
Open to all


The French Wine Experience is a tremendous one for all.

Wine drinkers, children, non-drinkers, teens: no matter who you are and what your experience with wine is, we can promise you that you will learn, have fun and live an experience both stimulating and new.

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We believe the best way to learn is to have fun! So we made the French Wine Experience FUN! With us, you won’t find a ‘Don’t touch’ sign. Our signs say things like ‘play’, ‘touch’, ‘smell’, ‘guess’ or ‘taste’!!


Book online today and choose your package. Simple admission, wine, no wine, Champagne, all of it, winemaking workshop… Pick whichever sounds best to you and yours.